Australian breastfeeding association – Excellent general advice on breastfeeding

Find a lactation consultant – Find a lactation consultant who can visit you at home

Cord blood banking

RANZCOG statement on cord blood banking – Excellent overview on the current state of play in this area

CellCare – company providing private cord blood banking

Exercise and weight in pregnancy

Exercise during and after pregnancy – up to date information on the current science and advice about exercising

Fitwise physiotherapy – Experienced physiotherapists in the field of women’s health based in East Melbourne & Armadale

Inform Physiotherapy – Experienced physiotherapists in women’s health based in Fairfield

Food and nutrition

General advice about healthy eating in pregnancy

Fish– information regarding Mercury in fish

Folate – Learn why folate is so important before and during pregnancy

Iodine – Understand why getting enough Iodine is important in pregnancy

Listeria – How to avoid Listeriosis in pregnancy; what to eat and what to avoid

Gestational diabetes

Gestational diabetes overview from Diabetes Australia

Maternal and child health nurse

Maternal and child health nurse – what do they do and when do I see them?


Expectful – mindfulness meditation app for pregnancy and new parents

Headspace – meditation and mind training in an easy to follow format, available as an app

PANDA – perinatal anxiety and depression; a must read for everyone

Multiple birth

Australian Multiple Birth Association (AMBA) – help and advice from birth to teenagerhood for parents of multiples

Parenthood and settling a new baby

Babysomnia – a private service offering assistance with settling techniques and sleep for babies and toddlers

Tweddle – Fantastic service; support and assistance with settling, peer support for parents of ill or disabled children

Parentline – A statewide telephone counselling service for parents of children from birth to 18

Raising children network – A very diverse range of tools, guides and information covering most areas of parenting

Pregnancy, birth and baby – another fantastic general advice website with a phone line for extra help

Screening and scans

VCGS – NIPT (Percept)- one way of screening for Down Syndrome

VCGS – Maternal serum screening – another method of screening for Down syndrome

VCGS – Genetic carrier screening – screening for Cystic fibrosis, Spinal muscular atrophy and Fragile X syndrome

WUME – East Melbourne- this links you to their informative page explaining the role of ultrasound throughout pregnancy


Whooping cough vaccine for parents – vaccination is now free and recommended for parents to be

Hepatitis B Vaccine for newborns – link to a PDF with information regarding this important vaccination

Vitamin K injection for newborns – an easy to follow brochure outlining the importance and need for Vitamin K at birth